There’s a Huge Twitter Storm Hitting the Senate on Tuesday August 7th @10AM to 4PM…

Head over to Twitter to show your support for the Endangered Species Act. Join #TwitterStorm Today directed @congress. If you’re not a twitter user email or call your US Senator. #GetInvolved. Join the STORM today! On Twitter details: how to, suggested tweets and why are all in the blog.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

…Save the Endangered Species Act from Bad Legislation. A new wave is catching on, a twitter storm using multiple tweets in one click, and it’s easier than you think! Urgent…#GetInvolved to stop the latest attack on the Endangered Species Act! Under Senator Barrasso’s proposal, individual states would be given key authority over the federal program to conserve threatened and endangered species.

“When it comes to the Endangered Species Act, the status quo is not good enough,” the Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman said in a press release. “We must do more than just keep listed species on life support — we need to see them recovered. This draft legislation will increase state and local input and improve transparency in the listing process.”

Tweet multiple tweets in one click! Go to your App Store & search Twitter, then the Twitter App will have an Update in blue. Click…

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