Starting today, Monday July 23rd for one week only. Get your shirt be a part of helping to End Wildlife Killing Contests! Thank you!

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

…One week only starting on Monday July 23rd 2018.

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

As part of the national campaign to end wildlife killing contests, a specially-designed Project Coyote T-shirt will be featured by in a one-week only campaign. Starting Monday, July 23rd, will offer exclusive Project Coyote T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies featuring one-of-a-kind  “BORN TO BE WILD AND FREE ~ Ban Wildlife Killing Contests” designs created by Deb Etheredge, Project Coyote’s uniquely talented Creative Manager.

For every T-shirt sold during this limited time, Project Coyote will earn $8.00, which will support our national campaign to end wildlife killing contests.

Joining this campaign are Project Coyote Advisory Board Member, actor, and author Peter Coyote and Project Coyote Ambassador and best-selling author of Coyote America ~ A Natural and Supernatural History, Dan Flores.

Please help us spread the message of peaceful coexistence by purchasing campaign swag for…

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