Wisconsin Man Facing Charges for Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting

Can we even imagine the cruelty set upon these beautiful beings, raccoons and pit bulls were being used for fighting? It was not a wolf organization that tipped WDNR off to this cruelty. It was a local citizen that saw videos on Facebook. Then, thanks to Wisconsin DNR law enforcement wardens for investigating this case!

Amery man facing animal fighting and cruelty charges.

A WDNR hotline complaint was filed in Aug. 2017 regarding Armbruster. The complaint stated that Armbruster was posting photos of his dogs killing raccoons on his personal Facebook page as well as to a closed Facebook group.

WDNR officials searched Armbruster’s Facebook page, finding several pictures and posts which described illegal hound training and animal fighting that Jason Armbruster was conducting. Wardens also verified that Armbruster did not have a hound dog training license or any legal means of possessing wild raccoons.

After obtaining a search warrant, wardens found evidence on Armbruster’s Facebook account that he had live trapped and released raccoons in front of his dogs with the intention of the dogs killing the raccoons on the following dates: May 6, 2017; May 24, 2017; June 25, 2017; July 20, 2017; and one occasion of an unknown date [later determined to be October 16, 2017]. Evidence was found that showed Arbruster arranged fights with juvenile dogs and domestic rats in order to train his dogs to attack and kill animals. Read full article Here

*WDNR confirmed it was not a wolf organization that tipped off law enforcement leading to charges.

Photography by Mathew Paulson

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  1. This horrible evil man needs to be slapped with the full extent of the law – to think any person would deliberately trap animals and then use as bait for his dogs to tear up is beyond reason. The man has no conscience and needs to be fined and thrown in jail – his wife too for allowing it – it is shameful and disgusting . The governor of Wisconsin needs to ban this practice entirely – do not issue permits for it!

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