Turning Anger into Positive Action

Call to action…

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

How does the following photo make wolf and wildlife advocates feel? Angry? Outraged? Absolutely!

Wolf Haters No Faces

Here is the challenge for all of us – Don’t take out that anger by commenting on the appearance of the people in the photo or by reinforcing stereotypes. That is not what’s important about the photo.  What we need to focus on is the message the t-shirts in the photo convey – the misinformed hate, fear, and killing of another living, sentient species.

This is the message our politicians here in Wisconsin are promoting – holding anti-wolf rallies and whipping up the emotions of the attendees into an angry,  witch-hunting, frenzied mob. Read about the article that featured the t-shirt photo.

“Anger is a powerful emotion, but it is not a plan.” ~Hillary Clinton

Are these the type of behaviors we want our elected officials condoning? Are these the values – hatred and killing –…

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