Keep the Gray wolf listed! 

Long live the Gray wolf! It’s not anyone’s right to “Kill All The Wolves” because the Gray wolf is: the forest, the grassland, the mountain, the river, the White-tailed deer, the elk, the beaver, & much more. What the Gray wolf is not: is part of human’s hatred born out of greed to conquer what is wild & Free. ~Rachel Tilseth 

2 Replies to “Keep the Gray wolf listed! ”

  1. i totally agree with Rachael Tilseth! that It is not anyones right tokill the wolf that is a part of the wild and its very ecosystem, interelatent life co dependant in all the links in the chain and the land. further without this remarkable key predator that chain of life , breakes down.cause and effect. nature has its own natural system of management and balance , and needs no interferance from humans, to disrupt its delicate balance , causing disruption and discord throughout the is not meant to change the course of nature. Man is not a seperate entity to nature or a superior being, but a fellow being that is supposed to co exist not eliminate animals out of the necessary chain of life.

    1. I agree too stop using our wolves for their political gains. Ron Johnson Tammy Baldwin and Sean Duffy are spewing lies about wolves in order to further their own agendas . They need to do the research and teach education to exoplanet fairly on both sides. Killing a wolf for eating is never going to change anything. Learning to co exist is what is needed and stop harassing wild life period

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