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Wisconsin’s wolf was returned to the Endangered Species List on December 19, 2014, after three reckless trophy hunts. Hunting of an endangered species just off the ESL should never be tolearned. Wolves in Wisconsin are protected, but for how long?  Fringe hunters are determined to delist wolves, then turn them back over to state management. Wisconsin allows the use of dogs, known as “wolf hounding” The following is a wolf hounding fact sheet: WODCW Fact Sheet

Out of all the states that hunt wolves, only Wisconsin allows hound hunters to use unleashed packs of dogs to hunt wolves. Wisconsin, quite literally, throws “dogs to the wolves.”Hound hunters traditionally train their dogs to focus on specific prey by releasing their dogs to surround, attack and terrorize a prey animal (e.g. a bear cub or fox) for hours on end (up to 16 hours/day) enclosed in a small, open barrel or “roll cage.” At this point it remains disturbingly unclear as to how hound hunters will train their dogs to pursue wolves instead of other animals—will it be by capturing wolves and allowing their dogs to attack them in barrels and pens? How isn’t this worse than illegal dog fighting? Click HERE  to read the Wolf Hounding Fact Sheet, then take the following poll:

*A YES vote means you do not want Wolf Hounding and a NO vote means you want Wolf Hounding 

2011 Wisconsin Act 169 If the wolf is not listed on the federal endangered list and is not listed on the state endangered list, the department shall allow the hunting and trapping of wolves and shall regulate such hunting and trapping as provided in this section and shall implement a wolf management plan. In regulating wolf hunting and trapping, the department may limit the number of wolf hunters and trappers and the number of wolves that may be taken by issuing wolf harvesting licenses.

(6) Authorized hunting and trapping activities. (a) Authorization; hunting. A wolf harvesting license authorizes the hunting of wolves by using any of the following:

1. A firearm, as authorized under par. (b), a bow and arrow, or a crossbow.

2. Dogs to track or trail wolves, subject to par. (c).

3. Predator calls, including electronic calls.

4. Bait that does not involve animal parts or animal byproducts, other than liquid scents.
Using dogs to hunt an endangered species just off the ESL is not wolf management. Best possible science should be the guide in any management of wolves. Wolves in Wisconsin must be managed for the health of the species. Use of non lethal methods for livestock owners can work if implemented properly. Wisconsin residents living in wolf range can be taught ways in which to avoid any wolf & human conflicts. 

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