So where’s all this going?  I ask myself that question repeatedly.  It’s one fight after another, and one anti-wolf bill at a time. Sometimes I feel hopeless, helpless, and it’s too overwhelming.  Then, I get a message in my inbox from you.  That’s when I realize I’m not alone in this fight.  That’s when it all becomes possible. It’s possible because you’re out there fighting this fight with me.  I pick up the phone and you’re there to brainstorm ideas to fight the newest anti-wolf legislation. Sometimes we talk for a few minutes, then almost an hour long talk; while we anguish over the latest anti-wolf news at its worst. 

“And always I have this feeling–which may not be true at all–that I am being used as a messenger.”  ― Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

So what has this all come to?  It’s Become a close-nit circle of new found friends.  It’s become a deep meaningful relationship formed by this cause. From coast to coast, a message, or phone call away.  It’s all because of our mutual compassion for a wolf, and he/she has helped us form a human-Pack.
Thank you wolf! 

Add your name in the comment section and share how this cause has helped you become more like our friend the wolf. 


Featured image by John E Marriott