A human-Pack is formed by the cause itself…

So where’s all this going?  I ask myself that question repeatedly.  It’s one fight after another, and one anti-wolf bill at a time. Sometimes I feel hopeless, helpless, and it’s too overwhelming.  Then, I get a message in my inbox from you.  That’s when I realize I’m not alone in this fight.  That’s when it all becomes possible. It’s possible because you’re out there fighting this fight with me.  I pick up the phone and you’re there to brainstorm ideas to fight the newest anti-wolf legislation. Sometimes we talk for a few minutes, then almost an hour long talk; while we anguish over the latest anti-wolf news at its worst.

“And always I have this feeling–which may not be true at all–that I am being used as a messenger.”  ― Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

So what has this all come to?  It’s Become a close-nit circle of new found friends.  It’s become a deep meaningful relationship formed by this cause. From coast to coast, a message, or phone call away.  It’s all because of our mutual compassion for a wolf, and he/she has helped us form a human-Pack.
Thank you wolf!

Add your name in the comment section and share how this cause has helped you become more like our friend the wolf.

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WODCW documentary film Project…

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy – The Yellowstone Story”

-Stories of people working to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone National Park-

Produced and Directed by Rachel Tilseth

Up before down and into the park to view wolves on a cold crisp (14 degrees) morning with Ilona Popper. Ilona is one of the featured wolf advocates in the fledgling documentary fim “Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story.” Produced and Directed by Rachel Tilseth. Watch the following clip.

The vision of the film is to tell the stories of the people who work to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone. Telling their story will be the inspiration that helps the viewer to gain insight into the heart of wolf advocacy. Go to Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story’s Facebook page

19 Replies to “A human-Pack is formed by the cause itself…”

  1. when humans lie to exterminate a part of this planet whether man or beast we have the responsibility as wardens of the planet to address the problem and work to resolve the issues that would make any person lie to that extent. Sometimes its not so easy and takes a long time, but hey what else are we going to do?

  2. We are a pack of like minded people, speaking up for the wolves, for their right to live their lives. We “howl” or cry tears for them when they are trapped, hunted and killed needlessly. We are a family of animal advocate friends, ready to sign petitions and stand up for these animals and to be their voice. We do not need to stand alone, since we are stronger in numbers, like the wolf pack!

  3. Thank you for this! It is a beautiful legacy to the relationships that form over our concern for another species. I so appreciate the people I’ve come to know in the wolf world. They are selfless, determined, and full of faith that we can make a difference in this crazy world. Sometimes it does get lonely, but the connections with other wolf advocates is always there, one just needs to reach out to feel it.

  4. Thank you!
    Fighting the same battle to keep our nature alive…although miles away in a different part of the world we will not give up or give in.
    Howl from Norway.

  5. As I was reeling from some anti-wolf positions, I reached out to others and was harkened to find so many kindred spirits. There are many of us fighting this injustice. And we need to share organizations who have stepped up on behalf of this beautiful animal. One such site is called “Howling For Wolves.” We can also contact Sen. Baldwin’s office (202-224-5653)letting her know she misguided.

  6. ” The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders ” Edward Abbey —- That is what you are my friend.

  7. I often wonder the same…what draws me so compassionately to defend an animal I have never seen beyond webcams and photos or heard beyond utube and videos. Perhaps that is what the calling is – to be a messenger, a defender of one without a voice. Those that damn the wolf are the vermin; the author of the sixth extinction.

  8. I feel inspired to read all these friends who feel like I do too. Together we can make a difference for an animal who has never done anything to humans to deserve their fate ever. We need them to help save this planet more than any of those nasty haters know. Education and promoting non lethal methods is key to co -existing not name calling and bashing.

  9. Well written and we need to fight for these wolves, we are their voice. It is so tragic that the mindset is so negitive and these wolf haters cannot see the trees through the forest on the importance of them. Or as a matter of fact, any wildlife we protect. We are the human Howl for the wolves and as long as I live I will fight for them , strive to make sure they get the protection they need. I do not think Legislators really hear us but as we grow they will have to listen to us!!

  10. I really needed to read this column and comments. I am trying to compose an entry for a blog I volunteered to write for an environmental organization. Letters bring attention, but voting makes the changes. That’s what we have – our votes. And the more peole who make this an important issue for their legislators, the more influence we will have.

  11. It’s important that we become a family, a pack, as this fight cannot be won by one person, one voice. It will take the combined strength and determination of our pack to save their’s.

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