Feature-length documentary film “Medicine of the Wolf” available to purchase on-line 

“Medicine of the Wolf,” a documentary examining the treatment of America’s gray wolves, has won the eighth annual Animal Content in Entertainment documentary grant offered by The Humane Society of the United States.

Go to www.medicineofthewolf.com to purchase your copy now 
“This feature-length documentary from filmmaker Julia Huffman follows the work of renowned environmentalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has studied wolves in the field for 44 years. The film explores the role wolves have played through American history, including their esteemed place in Minnesota’s Ojibwe tribe, and how their recent de-listing in certain regions from the federal Endangered Species Act could push the animal’s population to the brink of collapse”. -HSU

For more about Medicine of the Wolf producer and director Julia Huffman go to : An Intimate Interview with Julia Huffman

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