WODCW Op Ed: Bear hunting with hounds is “risky behavior’ 

Reblog from WODCW archives September 2016 Op Ed in response to president of Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association new article claiming Bear Hunting with hounds isn’t risky. I begged to differ as almost 40 hounds lost their lives in pursuit of bear. The problem; caused by removing a class B training license allowed unregulated bear dog training and no way to monitor just how many dogs were run during summer training. Read my full response to the president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

In a Wisconsin State Journal, Guest Column, Carl Schoettel, of Neosho, president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, stated his opinion entitled; Bear hunting with hounds isn’t risky behavior

Schoettel was responding to a Wisconsin State Journal Editorial written on September 9, 2016; Stop payouts to bear hunters for dead dogs, Schoettel stating that it: “was clearly written by someone who has never hunted in the north woods or perhaps even met a bear hunter. The commentary was misleading and wrong about interactions between hunters, dogs and wolves.”

Mr. Schoettel is naive to think that Wisconsin residents and taxpayers will sit idly by while bear hunters throw dogs to wolves.

Further, Schoettel states;“First and foremost, the editorial continually called bear hunters “irresponsible” and gave the impression hunters are violating state rules when they choose to hunt in wolf country. They are not. And hound hunters do avoid…

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