Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Michigan wolf advocates: SB 1187 could be voted on in the Michigan House of Representatives as early as TOMORROW, Tuesday, December 13! Please contact you House member TODAY and ask her or him to vote NO on SB 1187! Here’s a graphic you can tweet or share. Find your Representative at, which will direct you to their websites with social media contact info. Make the call now!

One thought on “Urgent action alert: Michigan wolves need you now…

  1. Good afternoon! These bills have raced through the House and the Senate – we are now being asked to call Governor Snyder to ask him to VETO SB 1187 – number is 517-335-7858.

    The bill masks the wolf hunt under language about funding the removal of Asian carp (1 million dollars) and eliminating the voters ability to establish a veto referendum. A nice staffer takes callers messages –

    Catherine M. Neuhoff Ph.D.

    Director of MMSTC, (MS)2TC, MSVPA, and Special Programs

    Warren Consolidated Schools

    Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center (MMSTC)

    Middle School Mathematics Science Technology Center (MS)2TC

    Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Center

    Butcher Educational Center

    27500 Cosgrove

    Warren, MI 48092

    Phone: 586-698-4393

    Internal extension: 20909

    Fax: 586-698-4397

    Internal fax: 20904

    Butcher Educational Center



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