Urgent: Wisconsin wolf advocates take action today to keep wolves listed 

I have it from a reliable source that Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is getting more calls and emails from the folks that want to delist wolves; and they are Senator Baldwin’s constituents too.  Wisconsin wolf advocates must call & email the senator now. You can email on her website By clicking HERE. Next Click on the red square share your opinion on legislation 

Senator Tammy Baldwin’s D.C. Office is getting more calls from folks in favor of delisting Wisconsin wolves. 

Wolf advocates take action for wolves by calling Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Washington, D.C. Office.

I have a meeting with Senator Tammy Baldwin’s aide next week to discuss concerns about the wolf delisting threat in congress. 

Here’s  to recap; Wisconsin state anti-wolf republican legislators, Senator Tom Tiffany and representative Adam Jarchow are pressing Senator Baldwin to take their side. They asked democratic Senator Baldwin to use her influence with colleagues to get them to pass Senator Ron Johnson’s anti-wolf delisting bill. Senator Baldwin made a statement siding with delisting wolves in Wisconsin, but her statement is based on anti wolf legislator’s propaganda.
It’s up to you and I to dispel the anti wolf propaganda by using factual & scientific information.

I have a meeting next week with Senator Baldwin’s aide. Wisconsin wolf advocates here’s how you can help. At the meeting I will show Senator Baldwin’s aide emails from you. Here’s what I need in an email to:


In the subject line:

Senator Baldwin Keep Wolves Listed

In the body of your email:

Why you want her to keep wolves listed on the Endangered Species List. Present facial reasons. Ex: Wisconsin has proven they cannot be trusted to manage an endangered species. Wolves are not killing all the deer. Use DNR website and google to get facts.

Lastly, Senator Baldwin needs to know that you are one of her Wisconsin constituents.

Sign your email:

Your name and full address.

I would forward your emails to Senator Baldwin’s aide at the meeting and then they will forward your emails directly to the senator.
Please send your email to me by Tuesday December 13th.

Now is our chance to present Senator Baldwin factual & scientific information about why wolves need to be protected. 

Again, it’s urgent that you act today by sending a clear message to Senator Baldwn that you want her to keep wolves listed on the Endangered Species Act. 


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  1. I contacted Baldwin’s office and asked for a written statement regarding her position on delisting wolves. I have not heard back. What is the status of this situations? I thank you for your work on behalf of these wonderful animals.

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