Take action for Wolves in Wisconsin 

Senator Tom Tiffany (R) and Representative Adam Jarchow want United States Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to help Senator Ron Johnson (R) on a bill calling for wolves to be delisted in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming. Please take action for wolves and contact Senator Tammy Baldwin and ask her not to approve any wolf delisting bills or riders. 

In the news: 

Following last week’s elections, a local State Senator has returned his focus towards delisting the wolf from the endangered species classification.
Tom Tiffany, along with Representative Adam Jarchow have penned another letter with that call. The two would like to see the wolf declassified in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. That would allow states to manage the population, and would likely lead to a return of the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt.
Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Reid Ribble introduced a bill that would accomplish just that. Tiffany called on Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin to do the same.
Tiffany said, ” In the past, Wisconsin has proven to be capable of managing our wolf population and now is the time to return control to the states.”
He also cited his Great Lakes Wolf Summit, held in Western Wisconsin earlier this year, which he says had nearly 200 attendees. Source

Wisconsin state management of wolves has a law on the books that mandates a wolf hunt when wolves are not on the Endangered Species List, that also allows the barbaric use of dogs to hunt wolves. This is not how an iconic species should be managed. Wolves were hunteted to near extinction. Wolves are on the Endangered Species Lists since December 2014. Please take action for wolves. Keep wolves listed! 

The senator’s contact information: 
Click here for Senator Baldwin’s website

Tweet the senator 

Take action! 

2 thoughts on “Take action for Wolves in Wisconsin 

  1. I contacted the Eau Claire office and had a nice conversation.with the woman tending the phone. She had attended a meeting on this issue and the Republicans totally misrepresented the makeup of the attendees indicating that most were in favor of delisting. I also mentioned wolf (and bear) hunting with hounds as barbaric along with the baiting of bears which is outlawed in many states. (Baiting and chasing with hounds is NOT hunting! But then I don’t think much of sniping deer from a tree stand either.) I have friends in ranch country in eastern Oregon. Ranchers that care about both their livelihood as well as their heritage of ‘the wolf’ have learned how to co-exist with the wolf. In Wisconsin, there are two forces that are pro-wolf hunt; farmers that don’t give a damn about wolves as representing a part of the natural Wisconsin and those that just want to kill for the ‘sport.’ ‘My Wisconsin’ used to be such a progressive state that I could be really proud of (much like our ‘twin,’ Minnesota). Then I lived 35 years in a different part of the country and retired back to Wisconsin. I do not like what Wisconsin has become; a backward, socially, environmentally, educationally a backward state. I feel shame for even being a Wisconsinite. I made a mistake in returning to Wisconsin.

    On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 7:09 AM, Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin wrote:

    > Rachel Tilseth posted: “Senator Tom Tiffany (R) and Representative Adam > Jarchow want United States Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to help Senator Ron > Johnson (R) on a bill calling for wolves to be delisted in Wisconsin, > Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming. Please take action” >

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