Wolves and Writing

coyote_041516_3 Trail-cam photo of coyote by Randy and Pam Comeleo

Pam and Randy Comeleo are devoted to the cause of protecting wildlife. Over the years, they have spent countless hours sharing ideas about non-lethal measures with officials and the public in Benton County, Oregon, where the Comeleos live. They and a group of concerned neighbors have promoted discussions with Oregon State University about alternatives to trapping coyotes with neck snares on the OSU Sheep Center. Randy and Pam have interacted with Wildlife Services, fighting through the web of red tape to obtain ten years of data on wildlife killed in Benton County. The results are staggering-over 738 wild animals, including coyote, bobcat and beavers, have been killed by Wildlife Services in Benton County in the last decade.

The Comeleos’ latest effort involves organizing events led by John A. Shivik, PhD. Shivik is a federal and university researcher on the topic…

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