Sacred Stone Camp has several thousand people in residence and they intend to stay – Standing Rock, North Dakota

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In Lakota “Mni Wiconi” means “Water is Life” say these protectors of water. They will correct you if you call them protesters. They are “protectors” not protesters. They are at the Sacred Stone Camp to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that could potentially contaminate the Missouri River’s water system. Listen to located on Pine Ridge Reservation for all the Sacred Stone Camp news. 

Listen to this Kili Radio interview:  Ladonna Brave Bull Allard from Standing Rock

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Latest breaking news from the Sacred Stone Camp, read the following;

Breaking: In a court filing on Monday, the Department of Justice said that the Obama Administration supports a temporary restraining order against Dakota Access, LLC, until the court can render a well-considered opinion on the motion for a preliminary injunction. The Corps of Engineers has stated that it also supports a restraining order “in the name of public safety.”

Tear gas and dogs were used by private guards to attack Native Americans trying to protect burial grounds from Labor Day weekend destruction by Dakota Access Pipeline bulldozers. Six people were bitten, and about 30 sprayed. One guard and two dogs were taken in for medical treatment.
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The following is from Sacred Stone Camp’s Facebook page with photograph;
“After the events that took place at the construction site, I heard a young boy, no older than 7 years old, riding in the back of a pickup truck heading towards camp. His face lit up as he saw a young man riding a horse, face masked with a bandana, he said “You look like a Warrior”. 

It made me wonder, what does a Warrior look like? Does a Warrior look like the images painted on our TV screens? Does a Warrior need to be painted up ready for war? Does a Warrior need to be holding a weapon? No.. At that very moment I realized, a Warrior is what that young boy was looking at. A Warrior is the young man that he saw riding his horse, protecting his land. A Warrior is the men and women that are ready and willing to drive away those that are desecrating their sacred sites. A Warrior is what that boy saw when his face lit up and said “You look like a Warrior”.

#NoDAPL for the love of the culture.  

Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Project

The Dakota Access Pipeline, a new 30-inch-diameter pipeline, will originate from six locations in the Bakken/Three Forks production area of North Dakota, and travel about 1,172 miles to market centers in Patoka, IL. DAPL is expected to initially deliver 470,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil, with potential for expansion to 570,000 bpd. Construction of terminals began in January 2016. Mainline pipeline construction began in May 2016. Source 

95 Tribal Nations gather to protect water

Photo credit Sacred Stone Camp Facebook Page 

The Ogala Sioux arrive in camp

Crow Nation arrives at camp

Photo credit Sacred Stone Camp Facebook page

Life at Sacred Stone Camp 

PAYTON RED ELK is one of the many committed volunteers working in camp kitchens to feed thousands of people who have come to Sacred Stone Spirit Camp and Oceti Sakowin (Big Camp) to support efforts to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through sacred treaty land. There are six host camp kitchens and one main camp kitchen situated across the Standing Rock Water Protectors camping area. Donations from across the country from over 188 First Nations tribes, churches, communities and individual allies have sustained the camp and its inhabitants. 

Those interested in supporting Sacred Stone Camp (and Oceti Sakowin) can view the camp’s needs at You will find “How You Can Help” in the website’s FAQ section.

Photo: Dell Hambleton

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