Theresa Stirling Art Studio has a real passion-for-wolves

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Theresa Stirling Art Studiosis the focus of this blog because sterling is our readers favorite artist. Sterling’s style of art is called natural expressionist and her method used to express her art is called encaustic painting. The following is a a description of this art form. Read on:


Many thin layers of transparent beeswax & oil, added slowly, over a photographic image. One layer at a time, fused with a blowtorch. Luminous, textured work. Any scale, any style.


To learn more, Theresa can be contacted at 360.471.7600. Reach out about your project ideas and dreams, arrange a studio visit or just say

Theresa Stirling Art is on Instagram click Here

To viewTheresa Stirling Art Studio’s Facebook page click HERE


Lovely collaborative projects, with collectors. Theresa Stirling creates custom encaustic paintings for your space, commissions make up the majority of…

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