An interview with the filmmakers of the Italian documentary ‘Stories of Men and Wolves’ 

Brunella is working on a new interview. In the meantime, I’m re blogging this interview by Brunella Pernigotti

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

Stories of Men and Wolves

A documentary film

Directed by Alessandro Abba Legnazzi and Andrea Deaglio

“Wolves are back. Someone has heard about, someone swears to have seen them moving about in the woods, someone else has heard them howling in the night. The shepherds show the remains of animals eaten with the sign of two canines under the throat. The photographers venturing into the mountains to spot them. Park rangers follow footprints in the snow and place their photo-traps. Resurface stories from the past and the inhabitants of the mountain villages are wondering about their future. Loved, hated, idealized. The wolves are back on the Alps.”

The interview

by Brunella Pernigotti

Brunella: What urged you to investigate the return of wolvesto our country and their relative problems? In other words, how did your documentary come to be?

Andrea and Alessandro: We are both townspeople and have viewed the wolf…

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