In loving memory of “White Eyes”‘ a tenacious alpha wolf of Douglas county…

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

A history of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin was started in 2012 to draw attention to the plight of wolves in Wisconsin. Wolves were being hunted with hound dogs, trapped and killed shortly after being taken of the endangered species list 2012.

In loving memory of White Eyes who died in 2009 after being hit by a vehicle. She leaves a lasting legacy as one of the Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin.

Drawing of White Eyes by Rachel Tilseth
I was assigned a wolf tracking block in 2000 that had a new alpha female wolf. I set out exploring the new wolf territory. I spent summers scouting this block, and winters surveying for wolf tracks.

Part of monitoring wolves is conducting wolf howl surveys during summer and fall seasons.

Photograph of wolf range in Douglas county Wisconsin by Rachel Tilseth

While conducting wolf howl surveys…

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