Foxlights is a non lethal predator deterrent device that is saving lives around the world

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

Foxlights Night Predator Deterrent

“It is my belief Foxlights have the potential of assisting in the saving of many endangered species around the world.” ~ Ian Whalan

Ian Whalan is a sheep farmer from Austrailia. He invented Foxlights so he could sleep through the night, because it was too bloody cold out there to check on the sheep. Before he invented Foxlights, he had no choice but to go out to scare off the foxes using flashlights. He noticed that the foxes would run away from the lights. In other words, this was where Ian Whalan got the idea to invent Foxlights in 2008.

Watch the following Foxlights introduction video

Foxlights mimic a human patrolling crops or livestock at night to keep predators away.
Foxlights are helping livestock producers coexist with snow leopards
“As these numbers indicate, snow leopards sometimes have a taste for domestic animals, which has led…

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