Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Conservation Scorecard 2015-2016 for the Wisconsin Legislature

Conservation Scorecard shows that citizens are making a difference! 

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to electing conservation leaders, holding decision makers accountable, and encouraging lawmakers to champion conservation policies that effectively protect Wisconsin’s natural resources and public health.

“Are your legislators walking the conservation walk? Or are they just talking the talk?
Know the score! Learn how your legislators are voting on the conservation issues most important to you with the Conservation Scorecard.
How are the Scorecard votes selected?
The votes most likely to be considered for inclusion are votes that:
Present a clear choice about whether or not to protect natural resources.

Reflect a cross-section of the conservation issues addressed during the session.”  Source

Were viewed as important by a range of conservation groups. conservationvoters.org/scorecard

Only bills that are broadly agreed upon by Wisconsin’s conservation community are considered for inclusion in the Conservation Scorecard.
Who Decides Which Votes to Include?
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters takes a position on and tracks the most important conservation bills considered by the state legislature during each week of their session (see the Conservation Notices of the Week).
At the end of the legislative session, the Conservation Scorecard Advisory Council—an independent and diverse group of conservation leaders, health professionals, academics, and more—recommends which votes to include in the Scorecard. conservationvoters.org/scorecard
The Board of Directors of Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters makes the final decision of which bills to include. Decisions are made without knowledge of how individual legislators voted.
The goal of the Conservation scorecard is to provide objective, factual information about the voting records of Wisconsin’s Senators and Representatives.
The Conservation Scorecard is designed to provide voters with the information necessary to distinguish true stewards of Wisconsin’s environment from those who just talk about it.
The Conservation Scorecard is released at the conclusion of each two-year legislative session (usually in the summer of even numbered years). The Conservation Scorecard is free to members of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Become a member today!

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The following is from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters scorecard 2015-2916 Wisconsin Session Overview:

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