Wisconsin DNR to Release Wolf Population Estimates this Month

State wildlife officials are planning to release their latest wolf population estimates later this month.

The Department of Natural Resources plans to release the data during a public meeting on June 16 at 9:30am-2pm located at Quality Inn 2901 Hummingbird Rd, Wausau, WI

The Wildlife Management Program will provide information collected during the 2015-16 wolf monitoring period. Contact – David MacFarland, Large Carnivore Specialist, 715-365-8917

Agency officials have declined to release the data any earlier.  

Last year’s estimates for the winter of 2014-2015 put the population between 746 and 771 wolves across the state.

Wisconsin held three wolf hunt seasons before a federal judge placed Great Lakes Wolves back on the endangered species list in 2014. These states proved they could not be trusted to protect an endangered species such as the iconic wolf.

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