Wolves and bear hounders is a controversy in the making…


The following film is from Wisconsin Public Television made in October 2010 during Wisconsin bear hunting season’s controversial use of hound dogs to hunt bears in northern Wisconsin. 

Problems occur when bear hound hunters begin running dogs on bear during training when wolves pups are barely 6 months old. Click HERE to learn more about use of dogs to hunt bear. Wolves are very protective of their pups. 

Bear hunting with hounds in Wisconsin began in the 1960s when there were no wolves in Wisconsin. 

Is the use of hound dogs to hunt bear in the north woods of Wisconsin a controversery in the making? 

Almost half a million dollars as been paid out to bear hounders to compensate for lost dogs killed by wolves defending their pups against free ranging packs of bear hound dogs. 

Out of the three states that have wolves, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, Wisconsin is the only one that allows the use of dogs to hunt bear in wolf territory. 

Is it time to address this controversial use of dogs to hunt bear in the northern half of Wisconsin? 

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