Film Shorts of Isle Royal & Counting Wolves Trailer by filmmaker George Desort

US Forest Service pilots fly personnel and supplies to Isle Royale supporting the wolf-moose study of Isle Royale. The longest running predator-prey study in the world. For more information check out and

Isle Royal spectacular 

Isle Royale Cow and Calves

Counting Wolves Trailer 

For more:

George Desort on Vimeo click HERE

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Rachel Tilseth

Rachel Tilseth iIn 2011 I went from tracking the wolf to advocating for them and found myself within an advocacy network that went against my values. I am tenacious by nature, and passionate about the grey wolves I got to know through tracking them. But I found myself within a system of wolf-advocacy that wasnt for me. I am am artist and writer first and foremost. Tilseth has been a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Winter Wolf Tracker since the year 2000. Tilseth received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education in 1992 from UW-Stout, graduating with cum laude honors.

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