Kids4Wolves is Using Social Media to Save Wolves 

Kids4wolves  released this video two years ago today, asking Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to reconsider the proposal to remove federal protections for gray wolves throughout the United States. Two years later, the Department of the Interior is still considering the proposal after more 1 million public comments. We still haven’t received a response from Secretary Jewell. (Source: kids4wolves Facebook post)

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Wolves don’t just live in untouched wilderness; they share the land with people, sometimes in very close proximity. Some wolves in Europe are known to pass through cities or cross highway overpasses almost every night. It’s not uncommon for wolves to live adjacent to rural neighborhoods. 
Sometimes this can cause problems with pets and livestock, and this is where proactive, nonlethal deterrents are necessary; but many wolf packs live close to people for years without causing any problems – sometimes barely attracting any notice at all. (Source: kids4wolves Facebook


Photo of 926F, alpha female of the Lamar Canyon Pack in Yellowstone National Park. (Source: kids4wolves Facebook)
“Young people are essential to changing society’s attitude towards wolves and helping all of us coexist with these important predators.” (Source: kids4wolves Facebook)
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