‘A Wolf’s Place’ a film from Annie White 

A Wolf’s Place
from Annie White

Gray wolves stand on the edge of a precipice. Throughout the Northern Rocky Mountains wild wolves have made a remarkable comeback, but now widespread hunting seasons are taking a heavy toll on the population and many politicians are pushing for the removal of all protections for wolves across the United States. ‘A Wolf’s Place’ examines how gray wolves can impact an entire ecosystem in what scientists call a “trophic cascade.” It also explores the personal side of large carnivore conservation through the story of Wolf 10, the first wild wolf released into Yellowstone in over 70 years – his triumphant life and tragic death in the sights of a poacher’s gun.
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Annie White is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, and founder of PlayBow Studios. She’s now the creative and development producer for VisionHawk, a high-end wildlife film production company. Her credits include projects for National Geographic WILD, Curiosity Stream, the Yellowstone Wolf Project, the Humane Society and various non-profit groups. She is also finishing her thesis film for the MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University.
Before becoming a filmmaker, Annie studied animal behavior and conservation biology at the University of Colorado and spent the next 10 years working as an educator, writer, and field biologist. Her life changing moment came when she was licked on the nose by an ambassador wolf. Annie ended up moving into a mountaintop tipi at a wolf sanctuary, living with over 90 wolves as roommates, and traveling with their ambassador program bringing live wolves into classrooms and museums across the country. These experiences are what inspired her to go into film. Now, Annie strives to create films that bring together science education, wildlife conservation and compelling narratives that draw audiences into the lives of real animals.
To contact Annie, please send an email to: info@playbowstudios.com 

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