U. S. House of Representives Passes the Share Act, legislation Full of Anti-environmental Provisions

The Share Act with the wolf delisting provision did pass the House of Representatives. 
But wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming are protected at this point. Wolves are still listed. 
The Share Act will now move into the Senate.  Keep the calls and emails up! 

The good news from Humane Society of The US said the following in  Wayne Pacelle’s blog: 
“The only good news is that the SHARE Act is so chock-full of insanely far-reaching provisions that it almost certainly cannot pass the Senate or win a signature from the President in this current form. Given that at least two of his priority rulemaking actions would be negated by this legislation, I cannot imagine that President Obama would sign it.” Read full blog HERE
Final roll call vote, find your house member and how they voted Click HERE


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  1. Morgana says:

    Very bad news, shame, I feel heartbroken!

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