The Most Barbaric Video You will See This Year

And nobody’s doing anything about it.

Watch the following video of a coyote hound hunter in Wisconsin pushing his dogs to harass and terrify a defenseless coyote.

I turned this video over to a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources  Conservation Warden.  The warden did a full investigation and turned it over to the District Attorney as a case for animal cruelty. District Attorney, Doug Drexler, in Florence County, Wisconsin, (715-528-3362), refuses to pursue any legal charges against the perpetrators. Also, he has not returned my phone call.


 Now I ask you, why isn’t Law enforcement prosecuting?
You already know.

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  1. I find the ‘Right to Hunt Act’ totally baffling bordering onto being ridiculous.. First, of course, is the freedom of speech. To my knowledge all encounters between those filming and speaking with hunters utilizing hounds in the pursuit of bears and, in this case coyotes, were non-confrontational. Secondly, these hunters are armed to the teeth, dressed in cammies who likely out number those that are filming their activities and they claim that they are being ‘intimidated’ by these reporters? (They are reporters, after all, who do have the right to report what they witness.) If it wasn’t for the cruelty to dogs that are thrown into harms way and the needless and barbarous pursuit of bears and other non-game mammals, the claims by these ‘hunters’ would be laughable.and the enactment of The Right to Hunt Act would be absurd.

    BTW I did write a letter to the DA of Florence County, not that I expect any better outcome than you did.

  2. Thanks again, Rachel. See:

    “(1) No person may intentionally instigate,… a dog fight, …or other fight between the same or different kinds of animals….”

    If anyone monitoring or witnessing this kind of criminal activity would be subject to a $10,000 fine (under the proposed “right to hunt” [sic] law), then a perpetrator of the crime that was witnessed and videotaped
    should do time in addition to a fine greater than $10,000, IMHO.

    All call now: District Attorney, Doug Drexler, in Florence County, Wisconsin, (715-528-3362),

    He refuses to pursue any legal charges against the perpetrators and has not returned Rachel’s phone calls? Good reason for everyone else to phone his office and complain.

    Hater/killers should not be allowed to own dogs after committing this crime, either.

    Check Statutes, Chapter 951.08.

    La Mer

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