Wyalusing State Park is a 2,628-acre Wisconsin state park
 In 2012 the republican dominated WI legislature passed legislation allowing for hunting and trapping in State park properties.  The controversial aspect of Act 168 is a requirement that all state parks be open to hunting and trapping. The negative aspects to hunting and trapping on public park properties is that it could drive away vistors.  Hunting on state park properties can adversly affect visitation because of fear for personal safety.  Hearing gun shots and worrying that a beloved pet could get caught in a trap while hiking state park trails is a major concern for state park visitors. 

Recent news is that democrat Senator Fred Risser  has drawn up a pair of bills that would ban hunting and limit the types of mechanisms trappers can use in state parks.  

Senator Fred A. Risser (D)
 Wisconsin state legislators need to hear from voters on this issue. State parks are public owned and a shared natural resource by all citizens. 

Contact your WI legislator to support Senator Fred Risser’s propasal to ban hunting and trapping on WI state park properties. 
Contact Senator Fred Risser’s office to let lend your support for the proposal to ban hunting and trapping on state park properties.
Only you can make this change happen! 

http://www.wyalusingfriends.org/ Wyalusing Friends

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