A Wolf Poem, ‘Meal or Not’

‘Meal or Not’ by Rachel Tilseth 
September 4, 2015 (c)

Trotting silently thru slender green grass. 

On cool night downwind. 

Catch a meal or not.

Smell fresh chewed leaf could be dental disease slow enough. 

Maybe not.

Pass by woodchuck to fast up the tree.

Meal he is not. 

Smell the deer trail many hours old. 

Not the meal. 

Startle a buck with large rack nostril’s flared.

Announcing there’s no meal here. 

A sound breaks thru the black of night.

One howl.

Two howls.

Three howls. 

Turn & bolt towards the call. 

A meal awaits at the end.
Family came thru!

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