Trophy Hunting of Africa’s Rare and Endangered Wildlife a Blood Sport

For weeks now reports have been streaming out of Zimbabwe Africa about who killed the beloved lion Cecil that strayed out of Hwange National Park, These reports point to trophy hunters as Cecil’s killer.

Hunting for the biggest, toughest wild animal is trophy hunting. Let us refer to a well known trophy hunter Ermest Hemingway,  July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961, and a famous American literary writer.

“Hemingway’s trophies included a lion and other large game that roamed the African grasslands.”  Quote from Ernest Hemingway Collection

Photograph is of Ernest Hemingway in Africa with lion he killed
Killing of Africa’s wildlife in what was called, Wild Big Game Hunts or African Trophy Hunts that have existed since Europian man entered the continent.  Trophy hunting is not sporting. Trophy hunting is barbaric and can be compared to men fighting to the death in Roman games. Its a blood sport where wildlife is being hunted for bragging rather than for sustenance . Trophy hunts should not be condoned as a legitimate sport, especially in any civilized society. It is killing not sport.

Just who Killed Cecil the beloved lion? 

Watch the following video

New reports point to an American Dentist from Minnesota as Cecil’s Killer

Cecil The Lion’s Killer ‘Revealed As American Dentist Walt Palmer’ Who Bribed Guides £35,000, The Huffington Post UK | By Lucy Sherriff, 28/07/2015 “The man who is believed to have paid wildlife guides £35,000 to let him hunt and kill Zimbabwe’s beloved lion Cecil, is reportedly an American dentist who had already been in trouble with the law after slaying a black bear…Walter Palmer, who has been identified by the Telegraph, and famed for being an “elite hunter”, allegedly shot Cecil with a bow and arrow earlier this month in Hwange National Park.”

A history of lion hunting 


“A wild lion is a scrappy thing. A fierce, disheveled, fly-bitten beast with battle scars from nose to tail and a matted, grimy mane. This is a rug you don’t want on your living room floor. But the beast has been cleaned up and rebranded in one of the greatest wildlife marketing stunts of all time.”
” Since humans painted them on a cave wall in France 30,000 years ago, lions have populated our imagination. Despite being extinct in Britain and Europe for thousands of years, they have grown in stature through myths and legends.” Read more about this in the link above.

Africa’s wildlife in danger 

My heart sinks heavy as reports keep coming out of Africa about canned hunts, trophy hunts,  I dreamed of traveling to Africa as a young girl and walking along the African savanna viewing vast herds of wildlife.

I will keep my dream alive and know that there are many people working to stop the slaughter of African Wildlife.

‘Blood Lions” is a must see film about canned lion hunts. Watch the following trailer.

The following list is of news articles on the fight to stop the poaching of Africa’s rare and endangered wildlife

Capturing wildlife with a camera 

Wildlife should be shot only with a camera
Why do Local African poachers go to jail while privileged tourist leave with a trophy?

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