Dirty politics are the norm now. Sell out the wilderness for a piece of copper, gold or taconite. Take the sand out of the hills for dirty oil. Strip the trees from the forest, hunt the wolf for trophy because his family stands in the way of progress. Progress or pioneers? It was the same a couple hundred years ago as it is today. The more things change the more they stay the same.



3 thoughts on “Hunt the Wolf for Trophy Because He Stands in the Way of Progress

  1. Humans stand in the way!! We need to stop hating amazing, necessary Wolves and allow them to perform the role they were created to do, by Nature! If Wolves were not meant to be here, on EARTH, they would NOT have evolved as a species! Please allow them to live! Our Pet Dogs are their decendants! and we all LOVE them!! Love Wolves! Thank You!


  2. Only humans hunt for trophies! Wolves and other predators hunt for food. They have the right to survive! America almost lost this beautiful species through hunting to near extinction, and now some states want to take them off the endangered species list! What is wrong with this thinking?


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