Activism How to Filter Out Interference Part Two, “the face of hate in every cause.”

Activism: Following Principle, Part one of two in a series….defining your ideals keeping focused on your goals will help you become a better activist for your cause. Mostly because you’ve learned the art of how to filter out all the interference that can impede progress in a cause. I will end it here for now because how to filter out interference is the subject of part two in the next blog. From previous blog on Activism read more here:

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Being active in any cause brings out “the haters” on both sides. In this case those that hate wolves come out in full force especially when they feel threatened. Haters call wolves vermin that deserve to be exterminated.

I began delving into the subject of hate and found this quote to explain the psychology of hate:

“Hate is the glue that binds haters to one another and to a common cause. By verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self-image, as well as their group status. In skinhead groups, racist song lyrics and hate literature provide an environment wherein hate flourishes. The life span of aggressive impulses increases with ideation. In other words, the more often a person thinks about aggression, the greater the chance for aggressive behavior to occur. Thus, after constant verbal denigration, haters progress to the next more acrimonious stage.” Read more here:

Can we stand idly by while haters destroy our world?


it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that haters create their own spin on reality. Haters create myths, fabricate lies, troll the Internet, and drop huge bombs to get a reaction from those that have a cause that are working to change the world for the better.

How does a person filter through all these haters and remain focussed on the objective of the cause they feel passionate about?

First realize that, the hater just hates!


Haters are afraid of losing something. This may seem like ignorance is bliss and yes, it’s not easy to reason with a hater.

This has become very apparent to this blogger since a judges ruling put Great Lakes wolves back on the endangered species lists on 12/19/14. Ever since that ruling wolf haters have been trolling this blog incessantly. Reasoning with these wolf haters is exhausting and will come to no end.

In other words, haters just want to hate. Why waste the energy fighting haters?

Don’t waste time with haters because it: takes precious time away from the cause you are passionate about. Don’t let hate inside of your heart. The hater wants to disrupt your self image. I’ve been the subject of haters as I’m sure many of you reading this have been.

This is a favorite photograph because there is nothing wrong with having a healthy ego.

It’s about the cause and not the individual. In every cause there are individuals, groups and organizations fighting for the same goal. Filtering out the hate and going forward is what gives strength to any cause.

Thinking offensively not defensively will bring about victory. Remember there are many small battles taking place in every cause. Most of all remember that haters will always be present in every cause and learn who they are and filter them out.

Be like this brave cat.


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