WI’s Wild Wolves are Federally Protected: The Endangered Species Act…The ESA prohibits harassing, harming, pursuing, hunting, shooting, wounding, killing, trapping…

Great Lakes wolves ordered returned to endangered list as of Friday December 19, 2014 read more here: http://wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com/2014/12/20/recreational-hunting-of-great-lakes-wolves-is-stopped-wolves-are-back-on-the-federal-endangered-species-list-immediately/

The following is a reminder to anyone who knowingly kills a WI wolf.

The Endangered Species Act
“The ESA prohibits harassing, harming, pursuing, hunting, shooting, wounding, killing, trapping, capturing and collecting listed species, unless specifically permitted, or attempting to engage in such activities within the United States or its territorial seas. Taking on the high seas is also prohibited, as are possessing, selling, delivering, carrying, transporting or shipping any species unlawfully taken within the United States, its territorial seas or on the high seas. It is also unlawful to deliver, receive, carry, transport or ship in interstate or foreign commerce in the course of commercial activity listed species, or to sell or offer listed species for sale in interstate or foreign commerce. The prohibitions apply to listed species, live and dead, their parts, and products made from their parts.” http://www.endangeredspecieshandbook.org/legislation_endangered.php
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Endangered Species Division
Fort Snelling, MN 55222


Fines and jail time for knowingly killing of an endangered species:

“…conviction, be fined not more than $50,000 or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both. Any person who knowingly violates any provision of any other regulation issued under this Act shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $25,000 or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.” http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/pdfs/laws/esa_section11.pdf

There is a great deal of angry rhetoric being displayed on wolf hunting social media pages and websites. Just remember until they cross the lines into actively knowingly killing a WI wolf and are caught in the act, that it’s all talk for now.

The photograph is from a Canadian anti-wolf site selling shirts for sale.

If you know of anyone that has killed a wolf in WI call the WISCONSIN Offices of USF&WS:


WI wolves are now under federal protection and that means full protections granted to wolves and their habitat. Science is now back into WI wild wolf population management and that puts an end to all fringe trophy hunting of wolves.


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