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Listen to the recording of Monday Night’s Show: WORT Radio’ Access Hour of Wisconsin’s Thirty-First Wolf Awareness Week Show

Rachel Tilseth, the author of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin, hosted this week’s Access Hour. She was joined by Alexander Vaeth this past Monday, October 11th at 07:00 PM on WORT Radio’ Access Hour, where they hosted an in-depth conversation about Wisconsin’s Thirty-First Wolf Awareness Week (WAW) with special guests Adrian Wydeven; who led the Wisconsin DNR Wolf Recovery Program from 1990 through 2013, and Peter David; a wildlife biologist with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

In 1990, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson signed the proclamation of Wisconsin Wolf Awareness Week (WAW), a time to celebrate these important animals, by highlighting the threats to their survival, spread the word about what you can do to help wolves stay protected, and help humans learn to live alongside them.

Controversial Wisconsin Natural Resources Board vote on November 2021 wolf hunt

WPR A Look At The 2021 Fall Wolf Hunt Quota Of 300 By Tim Peterson Air Date: Friday, August 13, 2021, 4:00pm

Wisconsin Public Radio speaks with reporter Danelle Kaeding and retired wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven to learn more about a controversial new quota set for a fall wolf hunt in Wisconsin.

Listen to Recording from Wisconsin Public Radio

And you can catch the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board meeting on YouTube

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