Spike in wolf depredation is a result of the class B bear license being eliminated…

Former DNR biologists Adrian Wydeven says the wolf population wasn’t all that different in 2012 when only 7 were reportedly killed by wolves.  He believes the spike in wolf depredation … Read More

WPR Joy Cardin Show – Big Question: Who Should Control Wisconsin’s Wolf Population?

Aired September 14, 2016 Listen to Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio  Click HERE to listen to the broadcast- Supporters of a gray wolf hunt in Wisconsin will meet Thursday to … Read More

As the conflict between Wisconsin bear hunters & wolves continues concerns are raised over record deaths of hunting dogs 

*Updated 10/29/16- During the 2016 bear hunting season this year 40 hunting dogs lost their lives while pursuing bear. WI DNR didn’t even know how many dogs were in the woods … Read More

Wisconsin bear hunters and wolves a conflict spanning more than three decades…

..with no resolution in sight. I was curious as to just how far apart were the two recent hunting dog depredations just outside of the town of Solon Springs. So … Read More

Is Wisconsin Ready to Pay the High Price for Hound Hunting?

When wolves were taken off the Endangered Species list in the Great Lakes area in 2012 Wisconsin rushed to legislatively mandate a wolf hunt.  Not only did the state mandate … Read More

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