Snare Traps Indiscriminate Killers, Land Mines Concealed in the Wilderness

…Snare Trap is a device concealed underground and baited with tantalizing attractive scents capable of causing great suffering for its victims. A male Timber wolf in northern Minnesota became the … Read More

Feds Offering Reward for Illegal Wolf Kills in Northeastern Minnesota 

It’s illegal to kill gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and in Wyoming. Wolves in these four states are under the protection of the Federal Endangered Species Act as December … Read More

Great Lakes Wolf Delisting Threat Continues in 2016

I have been a supporter of Wisconsin’s wolf recovery for a couple of decades. When I began working, as a volunteer monitoring wolves, only 249 wolves resided in Wisconsin (cited … Read More

Trapping of Wisconsin Wolves Ends-Wolves have moved on and are not considered a threat. 

This is good news for a pack of wolves that were rearing their pups at the Colburn Wildlife Area in Adams county Wisconsin. In news released on Friday October 30, … Read More

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