The Italian people organized a flash-mob on their balconies while on lockdown.

The entire country of Italy is on a lockdown due to the coronavirus. To date Italy a country of roughly 70 million has had an estimated 1,300 deaths since the … Read More

Changing Perceptions by Planting Seeds of Compassion

Changing the perceptions of people who have negative views of wolves begins with dialogue. If we want to change this negative to a positive perception we must open the dialogue, … Read More

Wolves & Art News – New Music Video ‘Siberian Nights’ by The Kills 

Source: RollingStone Magazine Watch the Kills’ Chilling ‘Siberian Nights’ Video, Actor Giovanni Ribisi directed the mysterious, stark clip The following is from RollingStone Magazine: The Kills have debuted the stark video for new … Read More

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