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The Italian people organized a flash-mob on their balconies while on lockdown.

The entire country of Italy is on a lockdown due to the coronavirus. To date Italy a country of roughly 70 million has had an estimated 1,300 deaths since the outbreak began. Our writer Brunella Pernigotti took part in the flash-mob and captured the following video from her mother’s balcony.

I took this video on my elderly mother’s balcony in Turin today. We Italians are tired, and worn out from all this coronavirus. Our dearest Italy is on lockdown, yet the beautiful artistic spirit, that is Italy, came through today in a well organized flash mob. Everyone used whatever they could to make the music! We Italians are in a democracy and definitely not used to all these restrictions of our freedoms. But most of all we are optimistic. Brunella Pernigotti

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films’s hope is that everyone stays well!

Changing Perceptions by Planting Seeds of Compassion

Changing the perceptions of people who have negative views of wolves begins with dialogue. If we want to change this negative to a positive perception we must open the dialogue, and engage, ask questions, and plant seeds – seeds of compassion that will grow into new perceptions of valuing the role wolves play in balancing the ecosystem.

“You only have one way to convince others – listen to them.” – George Washington

Trying to change negative perceptions by demeaning, insulting, and shouting down the other side won’t get us anywhere, and will most likely only harden their resolve. Think of how we feel when an anti-wolf voice makes derogatory comments about wolves or wolf advocates – it just makes us angrier and widens the divide.

“The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. It can make people see the flaws in their logic.” -Unknown

It can be extremely difficult not to scream angrily back when we see injustices to those animals we fight so hard to protect. I travel to Yellowstone to watch wolves and follow their lives on a daily basis. I have come to know these wolves on a personal level – their different personalities, their families, their successes and hardships. When one of them is killed, especially by the hand of man, it breaks my heart.

When I learned of the poaching of the 12-year-old Canyon pack alpha female earlier this year, my gut reaction was to hurl insults at  the anti-wolf crowd. I was angry and hurt, and I wanted to hurt back. In my heart, I knew this wouldn’t help the wolves at all; in fact, in the long run, it might be more detrimental. I also realized that this would be going against the basic philosophy of Compassionate Conservation – “first do no harm”. If I truly believe that, it also means showing compassion towards those with whom I wholeheartedly disagree by raising a voice in compassion for all beings. 

 “You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not ready to receive. Still, you must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.” – Unknown

If we want to see the end of the persecution and hatred of wolves, we must sow the seeds of compassion and knowledge; nurturing the seeds of compassionate conservation will lead to valuing the wolf as part of the natural world. 


Wolves & Art News – New Music Video ‘Siberian Nights’ by The Kills 

Source: RollingStone Magazine Watch the Kills’ Chilling ‘Siberian Nights’ Video, Actor Giovanni Ribisi directed the mysterious, stark clip

The following is from RollingStone MagazineThe Kills have debuted the stark video for new single “Siberian Nights” off their fifth album ‘Ash & Ice.’

The Kills have debuted the chilling video for new single “Siberian Nights.” Following up the song “Doing It to Death,” it is the second single off the band’s upcoming album Ash & Ice will be released on June 3rd via Domino.

Actor Giovanni Ribisi (Friends, My Name Is Earl) directed the striking clip, which stars a white horse and wolf. While the horse is seen running off into the distance, the wolf barks at a potential threat in the distance. Elsewhere, a group of people seems to be engaging in some sort of ritual. More people are seen running through the night across the same empty space as the white horse.
Ash & Ice is the Kills’ fifth album and comes five years after Blood Pressures. Last year, singer Alison Mosshart released her third album with rock supergroup the Dead Weather, Dodge and Burn, which had been the band’s first since 2010’s Sea of Cowards.

Source: RollingStone Magazine