“Tall Tales, Long Lenses: My Adventures in Photography” by John E Marriott is now available to order..

Written by John E. Marriott & Photographed by John E. Marriott and Foreword by Kelly Hrudey

John E Marriott is one of Canada’s renowned wildlife photographers

In January 1997, John E. Marriott sold his first image as a professional wildlife photographer. Twenty years later, Marriott’s Tall Tales, Long Lenses chronicles his rise as one of Canada’s renowned wildlife photographers, with a storied career that has included magazine covers, best-selling books, billboards, a Royal Canadian Mint coin, a Canada Post stamp a photography column in a national publication and a conservation-themed web series.

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This remarkable book recounts many of Marriott’s favourite stories and photos from his most memorable wildlife encounters in some of Canada’s spectacular locales. It’s a fascinating autobiographical account of being in the right place at exactly the right times, from his on-day love affair with a pine marten to his lifelong quest to find monstrous male grizzly bears like Frank the Tank. Marriott takes you through two decades of his tallest tales and showcases many of his unforgettable images of the animals that have inspired him to become an outspoken conservation advocate. Here’s where to order your copy today. www.wildernessprints.com 

I’ve been using John E Marriott’s photographs of wolves for several years now. So it could be said that John’s photographs have helped spread education & awareness in advocating for Wisconsin’s wild wolf!  ~Rachel Tilseth Founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin 

Order your copy today at http://www.wildernessprints.com 

Featured image is the cover of John E Marriott’s new book

A collection of favorite wolf photographs by Canadian Wilderness photographer John E Marriott 

Awhile back I messaged John E Marriott and asked if I could use his photographs on my blog.  I’ve been a fan of his work ever since. This blog post is full of my favorite photographs from John E Marriott’s Wilderness Prints enjoy the view! 


Wild Wolf Pup by John E Marriott 

“I am not formally trained as a photographer, but rather have learned by trial and error as I’ve gone along. I have also been lucky enough to have met and forged friendships with some incredibly interesting and skilled photographers over the years that I have gleaned information from: Al Williams, Jeff Waugh, Alec Pytlowany, Darwin Wiggett, Tom Murphy, and Terry Berezan come to mind. Unfortunately I never did get to meet the photographer I most wanted to — Japanese wildlife photographer Michio Hoshino, who died in Kamchatka, Russia in 1997.”  From John E Marriott biography


Wolf pack on a road in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriott 


Wild wolf in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriott 

Wild wolf chewing on a bone in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriot 


Wild wolf in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriott 

Wolf pack in winter in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriott 


Wild wolf in the Canadian Rockies By John E Marriott 


Wild radio-collared wolf by John E Marriott 


Wild wolf, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada By John E Marriott 

Wolf pack on a road in winter in the Canadian Rockies by John E Marriott 

John E Marriott has a wildlife Photography tour company, aptly named, Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours, which has been extremely successful. I was fortunate enough to lead 4 tours in 2010, as well as 8 tours in 2011 and 9 tours in 2012 to places like the Queen Charlotte Islands, the Great Bear Rainforest, and the edges of Hudson Bay in Nunavut.

“My primary hope with this site is that it will give you a taste for my style of photography and for what the wilds of Canada are like, creating in you a longing to visit or re-visit magical areas like the Canadian Rockies and see them like you’ve never seen them before. I fell in love with this place long ago, and want you too to experience the beauty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and Canada and capture the secrets you discover on a camera.” ~John E Marriott 

It’s rare to find truly wild wolf photographs with exception of John E Marriott. Marriott has captured the essence of the wild in his wolf prints.  ~Rachel 

You can find John E Marriott’s prints for sale click HERE to view more wolf photographs

John E Marriott – EXPOSED Ep. 5: Killing Grizzlies – The Truth Behind the B.C. Trophy Hunt

John returns for an in-depth second look to expose the truths behind the trophy grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, Canada. Why is there still a hunt? Is it the sport, the public demand, the politics, the science, or the economics? John delves into the issue with some hard-hitting facts that will make you want to get involved in the fight against the grizzly bear hunt by visiting http://www.exposedwithjohnemarriott.com/take-action/