Targeting Wildlife Predators with Poison to Improve Hunting Opportunities is not only Unethical, it is Illegal

The investigation into the poisonings began in December 2018 after animals were found with no clear cause of death, said Lt. Bryan Harrenstein, warden supervisor in the northern area for … Read More

Sneak Peek at Project Coyote’s short film “Killing Games – Wildlife in the Crosshairs”

On any given weekend, some of America’s most iconic wild animals are massacred in wildlife killing contests. Bloodied bodies are weighed and stacked like cords of wood, and prizes are … Read More

Poaching may be a bigger threat than the state thought…

Hunters may need to keep their paws off Wisconsin wolves.  By Sarah Fecht, Popular Science  Wisconsin’s wolves are a great success story in many ways. When the state began monitoring … Read More

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