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The Italian people organized a flash-mob on their balconies while on lockdown.

The entire country of Italy is on a lockdown due to the coronavirus. To date Italy a country of roughly 70 million has had an estimated 1,300 deaths since the outbreak began. Our writer Brunella Pernigotti took part in the flash-mob and captured the following video from her mother’s balcony.

I took this video on my elderly mother’s balcony in Turin today. We Italians are tired, and worn out from all this coronavirus. Our dearest Italy is on lockdown, yet the beautiful artistic spirit, that is Italy, came through today in a well organized flash mob. Everyone used whatever they could to make the music! We Italians are in a democracy and definitely not used to all these restrictions of our freedoms. But most of all we are optimistic. Brunella Pernigotti

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films’s hope is that everyone stays well!

Fragile Planet: Times that will test our human spirit…

I was fortunate to have an amazing doctor from India! She was my doc for four years. We had some passionate discussions about wolves, and you all know how I am about wolves.

I’ll never forget what she taught me about how fragile life is on earth. She not only knew this as a medical doc, but also because she was a microbiologist. She taught me that human beings have had a long run living on this fragile planet; adding that all seven billion of us, are standing on earth’s fragile thin crust, and have no idea how one tiny microorganism can destroy all of that in a heartbeat.

She had to go back to India because her elderly parents needed her. Dr. Jacqueline DaSousa was truly a physician that doctored my body and taught me how remarkable it is being a human being on a fragile planet. We as a species are fragile. Yet there is hope for us, if we can bond together as a community, to help each other through this tough time. Then, it’ll prove how strong our human-spirits can be.