A Wildlife Photographer Raises Concerns on Balancing Tourism & Conservation in a Canadian National Park

Ep. 09: Balancing Tourism with Conservation in Banff National More information at Exposed with John E Marriott More about John Get exposed to the world of one of Canada’s premier … Read More

National Geographic’s first YouTube series, wild_life with bertie gregory, which launches August 3.

Source: National Geographic Weird & Wild Meet the Rare Swimming Wolves That Eat Seafood By Alexandra E. Petri August 3, 2016 Unlike their interior cousins, coastal wolves of Vancouver Island live … Read More

A collection of favorite wolf photographs by Canadian Wilderness photographer John E Marriott 

Awhile back I messaged John E Marriott and asked if I could use his photographs on my blog.  I’ve been a fan of his work ever since. This blog post … Read More

Fort McMurray wildfire likely killed all wildlife in its path: expert

By Phil Heidenreich Online journalist Global News Source EDMONTON – The fire that swept through Fort McMurray and still rages through the northern forest likely destroyed all wildlife in its path, … Read More

Calgary documentary about wolves wins Humane Society’s Genesis Award

Source: ERIC VOLMERS, CALGARY HERALD More from Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald Published on: April 22, 2016     A Calgary TV documentary investigating Alberta’s management of wolves has picked up a prestigious … Read More

An Education Initiative about Three Persecuted Species – Coyote, Wolf, Bear 

Coyote-Wolf-Bear Education Initiative involves Sampson, Barron and McIntosh. Taking to the road traveling town to town, engaging citizens. Removing the myths regarding coyote, wolf and bear. Stay tuned for more … Read More

Increase in wolf hunting activity on trail network concerns residents in B.C., Canada.

This is a real safety concern for recreational users along public trails. Source: Shooting of wolves prompts warning Increase in hunting activity on trail network concerns residents Chris Bolster / Powell … Read More

In Canada, Ontario government decides to scrap their ill-advised proposal to increase the hunting of wolves and coyotes.

Government is finally listening to science. Source: April 6, 2016 Ontario Government Scraps Proposal to Increase Hunting of Wolves and Coyotes Animal protection and conservation groups encourage responsible approach to wildlife … Read More

The Latest News on Brittish Columbia’s Unethical Wolf Hunt from Earth Island Journal

British Columbia Government Using ‘Judas’ Wolf in Unethical Hunt, Say Wildlife Advocates BY ELIZABETH CLAIRE ALBERTS – MARCH 9, 2016 Collared wolf may be kept alive to help government track … Read More

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