One Minnesota bear hunting party, five hounds, at a reimbursement cost of $12,500.00

That’s just a tiny fraction of the cost Wisconsin pays for the sport of running dogs on bear. Let’s not forget the costs for wildlife; the bear cubs separated from … Read More

Wisconsin’s citizens want to resolve the “decades-old” conflict between bear hounders and wolves through the legislative process 

Many animals are harmed (through suffering and killing) to serve human interests and values without due consideration of other animals’ interests and intrinsic value.  ~Compassionate Conservation  Wisconsin can no longer … Read More

It’s all carefully crafted propaganda to make the wolf look bad.

As with any cause, a biased or misleading view can be used to promote, to publicize a particular political cause or point of view.  Here we have several anti-wolf politicians … Read More

Opinion editorial: Numbers don’t add up in wolf-hound debate

By Adrian Wydeven  As often is the case with ecological issues, simple answers or solutions are often inadequate or incorrect.  Everyone likes a good mystery, especially one where an unlikely … Read More

Spike in wolf depredation is a result of the class B bear license being eliminated…

Former DNR biologists Adrian Wydeven says the wolf population wasn’t all that different in 2012 when only 7 were reportedly killed by wolves.  He believes the spike in wolf depredation … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Job interview questions for Tom Tiffany 

By Lisa MaKarral September 27, 2016 To the editor: 1. Mr. Tiffany, you received $75,000 from Gogebic Taconite to push their mining bill through, gutting Wisconsin’s long- held environmental laws … Read More

WODCW Op Ed: Bear hunting with hounds is “risky behavior’ 

In a Wisconsin State Journal, Guest Column, Carl Schoettel, of Neosho, president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, stated his opinion entitled;  Bear hunting with hounds isn’t risky behavior Schoettel … Read More

Wisconsin bear hunters and wolves a conflict spanning more than three decades…

..with no resolution in sight. I was curious as to just how far apart were the two recent hunting dog depredations just outside of the town of Solon Springs. So … Read More

Another hunting dog fatality in the pursuit of bear took place on Saturday July 16, 2016 in Washburn county

This is the fourth fatality since the start of training  dogs on bear.  This latest fatality, was a five year old female Bluetick hound hunting dog killed on Saturday July … Read More

Dogs may be trained statewide by pursuing bear in Wisconsin starting on July first resulting in bloody wolf-on-dog-fights

Handlers that lose dogs to wolves defending their pups can be reimbursed up to $2,500.00 per dead dog (the state’s wolf depredation program began in 1985). It’s a win-win situation … Read More

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