Where community spread is occurring are in an acceleration phase in the United States

Situation in U.S. http://www.cdc.gov Thursday March 19, 2020 Different parts of the country are seeing different levels of COVID-19 activity. The United States nationally is currently in the initiation phases, … Read More

Coronavirus Epidemic: How does an optimistic Italian citizen survive daily life on lockdown?

Brunella Pernigotti shares a glimpse of her daily life from Turin, Italy. Photo by Brunella Pernigotti: the empty arcades in the Turin center. Tuesday, March 17, 2020 In the world … Read More

CoronaVirus Update: A country on lockdown demonstrates solidarity!

At noon every church bell in Italy rang out. CoronaVirus update: in Italy there are 21,157 infected 1,441 deaths. In the US 2,866 infected 48 deaths. The following link will … Read More

The Italian people organized a flash-mob on their balconies while on lockdown.

The entire country of Italy is on a lockdown due to the coronavirus. To date Italy a country of roughly 70 million has had an estimated 1,300 deaths since the … Read More

Live From Yellowstone National Park: Twenty-five Years of Wolves

Wildlife Biologist Dan Stahler and Wildlife Research Associate Kira Cassidy as they highlight scientific discoveries learned over the last 25 years. #25YearsOfWolves

Investigators offer reward for any information leading to the arrest of those poisoning wolves and wild animals.

In all, about half a dozen dogs and (about a half dozen) wolves, as well as several raccoons, weasels and raptors, have been killed by poison in Marinette, Florence and … Read More

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continues to investigate numerous poisoning cases in Northern Wisconsin

Investigators are now urging the public to be aware of where they are walking their dogs along roadways in these counties. MONDAY 3/9/2020 8:52 a.m. According to We are GreenBay.com … Read More

Italian officials reporting more than 50 deaths in 24 hours.

According to the BBC Europe’s worst hit-country Italy also reported a steep rise in cases. Leading Italian politician Nicola Zingaretti said on Saturday he had tested positive for the virus. … Read More

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