The Grey Wolf

Bouncing from one extreme to another…from listed to delisted with no in-between, and the problem is never resolved. Over the last decade wolves have been delisted, trophy hunted, relisted and trophy hunted yet again.

I ask, “Has anything ever been resolved with this endless cycle of relisting to delisting?”

That’s a definite “no.” It’s only been a fighting-fest between these two opposing extremes.

Art work credit: Fubiz

I find myself definitely not on the side of the trophy hunters, and not necessarily on the other side of the national non profit organization/coalition of pushing the trendy #relistwolves movement. At least not for my Wisconsin.

Here’s why: I think the Six Ojibwa Tribe’s Lawsuit has the strongest case yet to settle the never ending argument regarding how wolves are managed in Wisconsin. Their lawsuit actually has solutions that can work and it is all about the tribe’s partnership with their brother the “wolf”! They have lived in partnership for centuries with grey wolves, and they understand that the wolf belongs on the land where he is needed; working in harmony with nature, and the creator. And they do not want their brother hunted for a trophy. They want their treaty rights! And I’m for this solution.

Look out Wisconsin conservative-extremists and fringe hunters! The tribe’s have had enough and are stepping in and asserting their rights!

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  1. Rachel , I agree with you about the Ojibwa lawsuits. Thank you for all you do for the Wolves🐾❤️🐾

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