Voyageurs Wolf Project’s first-ever camera collar footage captures “point of view” of a wild wolf.

This remarkable footage of a wild gray wolf in northern Minnesota comes from the Voyageurs Wolf Project. The following is their report about the camera footage.

They are pleased to share the first-ever camera collar footage from a wild wolf (to their knowledge). “They hope you enjoy seeing the world from a wolf’s point of view!”

Voyageurs’s stated in their post, “What is particularly fascinating is that this wolf (V089, a lone wolf) knew how to hunt and catch fish. He can be seen eating 3 different fish, which were all killed and consumed at the same spot along the Ash River.”

“Based on the amount of time this wolf spent in this spot (>1 week), it is clear this wolf killed more than 3 fish. However, the collar only took videos for 30 seconds at the beginning of every hour of daylight meaning we only got 7 minutes of video footage each day (14 hr of daylight x 30 second per hour). 7 minutes of footage a day is not that much. Luckily, we still captured some really neat stuff!”

“Up to this point, they had only documented wolves from a single pack (the Bowman Bay Pack) hunting and killing fish at the same small creek. However, this footage clearly demonstrates that other wolves in our area know how to hunt fish and they do so in different areas. This revelation—in addition to some other info we learned in 2020 (i.e., we had another wolf from the Paradise Pack that went fishing…more about this soon!)—provides insight into the genesis and persistence of unique predation behaviors in wolf populations!”

“They used a Vectronic-Aerospace camera collar for this footage. The collar worked great and we are excited to deploy more of these camera collars in the future!” For information about this go to

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