Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Great Lakes wolves could be delisted anytime now and placed in the hands of state management. Wisconsin legislature mandates in Act 169 that when wolves are not listed on either federal or state endangered lists that they must be hunted.(Wisconsin Act 169)Wisconsin is the only state that allows the inhumane act of ”wolf Hounding” andQuite literally, throws dogs to wolves.Michigan voters, said no to a wolf hunt, yet in a shocking reversal of democratic principles, Gov. Snyder signs wolf hunt bill in spite of voter opposition. In Minnesota wolves are on the threatened list, which means the state has more authority on management of any wolf depredations on livestock, but legislators still push for a wolf hunt.

Wisconsin wolves are in jeopardy and need your help. I’m asking every Wisconsin wolf advocate to take action for wolves by submitting letters to the editor.

I’ve included; why…

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