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Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Listen to the facts and not political propaganda – Just where have all the deer gone?

The winter of 2013-2014 was unusually hard on Wisconsin deer herds. That winter deer were dying from starvation and exposure and became like the-walking-dead. The result was devastatingwith winter weather killed so manyDeer that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resouces recommended an a antler-less deer hunt for 2014.

Bad for deer but good for wolves

The ying-yang effect of a bad winter for deer herds meant plenty of food for wolf pups that were born the spring of 2014. It’s tough for wolves with a wolf pup mortality rate of 40%during any given year, but with the winter deer kill in 2014 a blessing-survival for wolf pups.

WDNR photograph of a Wisconsin wolf pup at a den.

Just how many deer are killed in one hunting season in Wisconsin

Data includes…

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