I’m reblogging Katey Duffey’s field journal where she is monitoring snow leopards and testing Foxlights. Saving the rare endangered snow leopards. ~Rachel

Katey Duffey

Excerpt from my field journal..


 “Early this morning, the dogs were barking like crazy for four hours! I just tried to drown them out by listening to music, but wondered if a snow leopard was nearby. My teammate and I would soon find out…

The day started with helping our host to herd the livestock out to graze. As the herd continued on one way, we veered off another way toward a couple kill sites from a few less fortunate goats and a sheep.

IMG_2244 Lovely snowy day overlooking the range behind camp where a neighbor lives

We hiked up one mountain to try to set a camera trap, but there were too many livestock tracks to find any pugmarks of a cat so we crossed a valley to a different one. The trek was cold. Not only was it -20C (and dropping), but it was also windy. The…

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