On February 29, 2016 in a rural county of WI a coyote was found hanging in a tree skinned, spray painted black, bright orange plastic around the eyes and wire in the form of wings.

This act has been discussed widely on social media by hunters and advocates for well over a week now.  Officials release more details on dead coyote found in Waushara County Anyone who saw a vehicle parked in the area on Sunday, Feb. 28 or Monday, Feb. 29 is asked to call the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office at (920) 787-3321. Anonymous tips can be given to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-800-5219.

Unspeakable horrors were committed against this living breathing being.  Anyone with a moral compass would never do such a thing.  It is a sad day in our world when any creature is treated like an object and hung out in a sadistic display. I am relieved that there are several ethical hunting groups offering a reward so there can be justice for this coyote.

What was done to this coyote is not the norm nor acceptable behavior in rural Wisconsin.  Whether this is deemed a prank or not, rural residents are outraged by this cruel act. Further this type of animal cruelty…It is a childish prank or sign of deep-seated psychopathology that will someday erupt into far worse violence against people?

Coyote in fresh snow by John E Marriott