Harassment of Wildlife in Northern Wisconsin Starts July First


“Mother’s Kiss” photograph by Bill Lea Photography and used with permission of owner

In Wisconsin’s northern woods it’s legal to use dogs to chase wildlife for the purpose of hunting starting on July one. 

Wisconsin bear hunters who train their hounds to chase bear run the risks of conflicts with wolves living in the north woods. Wolves are known to be protective of their four month old pups at this time of year. Conflicts accur between wolves and large free roaming packs of bear hunting dogs. This results in dead hound hunting dogs. Over the last 2 years these conflicts have risen resulting in the deaths of more than 40 dogs. 

The following is from an article written in January 2014, “State pays scofflaws over hound deaths.” By Bill Lueders http://wisconsinwatch.org/2014/01/state-pays-scofflaws-over-hound-deaths/

“its wolf depredation program began in 1985, the DNR has paid out $1.6 million in compensation for attacks on livestock and other animals. Nearly a third of this sum has gone to the owners of hunting dogs…According to the DNR’s Koele, the USDA’s wildlife services office has verified claims for all 23 lost hounds in 2013. The claimants have asked for up to $10,000 per animal, but the program’s established maximum is $2,500 — unless there are additional veterinary costs.”

Hounders are being reimbursed for lost dogs. Wisconsin is the only state that pays for lost hound hunting dogs. 

Wolves are Federally Protected Species Under the Endagnered Species Act as of December 19, 2014. 

Bear hounders anti wolf history of hate runs deep

While a WDNR Winter Wolf/Carnavore Tracker Volunteer in Douglas county, WI from 2000-2013, I witnessed the anti wolf behavior from bear hounders on many occasions.  I saw bumper stickers on the back of hound hunting trucks that read, “no wolves” and this is just one of the the many examples hate. 

Recently found this message in my inbox from a hound hunter that read, “Best way to take care of wolf problem is run a wolf hound in your pack or feed them antifreeze.”  

Hound hunting, sport or torture?

Found this video last year of a hound hunter in Northern WI pushing his dogs to attack a wounded coyote, watch the video of this heartless act of violence against wildlife. This is  http://youtu.be/ROJH19BRuGA heart wrenching to view! 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin will be out and about monitoring dog training and hunting of bear starting in July. Here’s how to contact us if want to help wolvesdouglasco@gmail.com

Northern WI residents here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your property 

If you are a north woods Wisconsin resident and witness any violations, disturbed by the noise of dogs running at night, dogs running through private property, afraid for yourself, family or pets safety while using public land please call your local sheriff and WDNR warden and file a written complaint. 

Violation Hotline: 1-800-847-9367 and WDNR field offices by county http://dnr.wi.gov/Contact/fieldlocations.html

For your information the following is from 2015 Wisconsin Bear Hunting Regulations.

 Dog Training and use

“Dogs may be trained by pursuing bear statewide from July 1 through Aug. 31. It is legal to train dogs in Zones A, B, and D during the season when hunting bear with the aid of dogs is open. A Class B Bear License is not required to train or assist with bear dog training during the free bear dog training weekend, Aug. 15–16, 2015.

While hunting bear, or training dogs to pursue bear during the open season for hunting bear, it is illegal to:

Hunt or train dogs to pursue bear before or after established hunting hours.
• hunt bear with dogs in Zone C;
• train dogs by pursuing bear except during the time periods
stated above;
• hunt or train dogs unless one person in the group has on their
person rabies tags and dog license tags for each dog;
• hunt, train dogs or pursue bear with a dog that is not tattooed or that isn’t wearing a collar with the owner’s name and
address attached;
• allow the dogs to kill any wild animal;
• hunt, train dogs or pursue bear with more than 6 dogs in a
single pack, regardless of the number of bear hunters or the dog’s ownership; or,
Note: Dogs that fall out of the chase may be replaced, but no more than 6 dogs may be used to pursue bear regardless of the number of bear hunters or the dog’s ownership.
• hunt or pursue any free-roaming wild animal with the aid of any dog from May 1 to June 30 north of the highways shown on the map below except for approved dog trials and training on free-roaming rabbits or raccoons under the authority of a
hound dog trial or training license.

” Here’s the links on http://dnr.wi.gov/files/pdf/pubs/wm/wm0197.pdf 


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  1. I sent comments in June to offices of Stepp, Walker, Tiffany, Swearingen, Senators Baldwin and Johnson and WI state wildlife and Wi state’s northwest public affairs managers..as well as commenting at HSUS CEO’s blog…and will email you that mailing as an attachment today.
    Thank you so much for your courageous and compassionate wisdom and attention to these crimes,
    which we can…and will…put a stop to, by being mindful and resisting this mismanagement and allegedly “allowable” (by DNR standards) anti-wildlife, criminal activity. La Mer

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