Gray Wolves and White-tailed Deer are Coexisting Very Well in Wisconsin

“Minnesota has also become the number two all time Boone and Crocket trophy white- tailed deer producing state, followed by Wisconsin. This might suggest that wolves and deer are co-existing … Read More

Will the Government Ever Get it Right on Delisting the Gray Wolf in the Great Lakes Region?

These and other questions come to mind as the Federal Government Working On Removing Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List . Will Wisconsin be transparent in its management of the … Read More

Wolves are a part of Wisconsin’s wild legacy…

Wolves have an amazing olfactory sense. They will blow on the bed where a White-tailed deer slept causing all the particles to flow up and into their olfactory sense. By … Read More

A new conspiracy theory has wolf advocates inflating white-tailed deer numbers…

In Wisconsin deer hunters can now register deer electronically. And now…A northern Wisconsin newspaper believes, that wolf protectionists bought gun deer licenses and called in or logged in fake bucks … Read More

Gray wolves in northern Wisconsin are saving the forest 

The Research,  The work took place at Notre Dame’s Environmental Research Center that straddles the border between Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin. The site has forest, bogs and swamps, … Read More

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